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Special Rates for Yacht Cruising/Training :

For Yacht Cruising/Training during weekdays, except public holidays, we would offer 30% discount on the normal charge rate so as to encourage more people taking part in Yacht Cruising.


Dear friends,

We have set up a sailing programme for yacht cruising/training. You may gain practical yachting / steering experience from us.

The sailing Programme is running throughout a week from Monday to Sunday including public holidays. Except the date specified by us as programme date, you may reserve any other date for the above Yacht Cruising. Booking is one month in advance. The sailing programme will be starting from 9:15 am to around 4:30 to 5:00 pm each day in which you may gain practical steering/helming experience. The Cruising area will be at Sai Kung waters for the time being. Pending in the future, stay on board over-night for two to three days cruising in the local Hong Kong waters, going to Double Heaven, down to Cheung Chau or Lantau Island.

The sailing programme is run by our Sailing Instructor of the Hong Kong Yachting Association or other recognised sailing authority. The ratial is One Captain (our staff) to 6-7 participants, i.e. Either you may join our programme or your own private group of your friends (which will be seven or pay the equivalent) in particular date.


9191 3894 at anytime convenience to you.

email : info@sportekcompany.com

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