Brand new (17'-35')17' YACHT at HK$99,900.00,

Brand new (20'-118') 31' PLEASURE CRAFT at HK$240,000.00,

Ambassador 24 with standard specifications(O/B engine model) HK$122,500.00

You will never think of buying a 17' yacht at less than HK$100K. As you know, buyint a small 470
dinghy or 49er is more than 100K or 2 x 420 or 2 x 29er is more than that sum. Some people may say
what will you do with a 17' yacht ? In fact, you can sail with the yacht in all weather conditions (except
in very strong wind or typhoon, even a big yacht cannot do it). You can go whereever (over night will
do) you want within the HKG waters, if you have bring along with you sufficient food, water and fuel.
Also, taking advantage of the swivel keel of the yacht, you may go shallow water and launch the yacht
in hard stand as oppose to a mooring, convenience for maintenance.

Brand new (17'-35')17' YACHT at HK$99,900.00 :
We are the agent for Avar-Yacht in Czech whoes range of sailing yachts from 17' to 35' with one cabin to three cabins plus kitchen, toilet,living area, chart room and inboard engin at around HK$740,000.00 (about 20-25% cheaper than the existing yacht selling in HKG).

We would like to make a special offer for a 17' (5.4m) yacht with one cabin, Jib sail 5.5m2, main sail 10.6m2 and Spinnaker 20m2 with Swivel keel and a Four hp outboard motor ready to sail at HK$99,900.00 (excluding delivery from Czech to HKG at around HK$15,000.00).

For racing, there are 24' and 26' sports boat models which are suitable for the purposes not only with the outlook but also with the substance. The layout for the hardwares are easy access and within touch. Coupled with the swivel keel advantage above, I would like to see the boat on water and race to their excellence.

For 35' cruiser / racer, you pay only 3/4 costs (at around HK$740,000.00) of the existing yacht in HKG. The Yacht has almost everything the other yacht would have. It got option for swivel keel, long / short keel. It got SELF-TACK jib and genova. SHOULD YOU want to have more informaiton for the SAILING YACHTS and the below PLEASURE CRAFTS, please contact the undersigned at any time convenience to you.

Brand new (20'-118') 31' PLEASURE CRAFT at HK$240,000.00 :
We are the agent for Gulf Craft in UAE whose range of pleasure craft from 20' speed boat to 118 Mega Yacht. From (20' to 36' range) Swan 20 boat to Ambassador 36, boat speed expected to have at least 32 knots with average at 38 to 40 knots. Some would have outboard / inboard to choose.

We would like to make a special offer for a 31' Walkaround with one cabin, two stoves, toilet, fuel capacity at 100 US gals, water capacity at 24 US gals, capacity 10-12 persons, Hydraulic steering system, SS T top, SS windlass winch with remote, 2 x SS folding seats and amble space within the boat at HK$240,000.00 (excluding delivery from Ajman, UAE to HKG at around HK$50,000.00) (excluding engins).

Ambassador 24 with standard specifications(O/B engine model) HK$122,500.00 :

SHOULD YOU want to have more informaiton for the SAILING YACHTS and PLEASURE CRAFTS, please contact us any time convenience to you.

Hong Kong-Macau race result (1st) :

Hong Kong-Macau race result (1st) :

We are glad to go on board the Yacht Free Holiday C1212, a brand new luxary 36' cruiser (HKPN 995) with a ensuited cabin and another cabin plus kitchen, toilet, living, chart room and air-conditioning on water for two years for the Hong Kong-Macau Yacht Race during Chinese New Year holidays. Having an excellent start of the Race in the HKG-Macau leg. We started straight away on the race without necessary to check transit from a non-stop 2 2/3 hours power/sail voyage leaving the Gold Coast to the startline at East of Lamma Island at 0720 on 31/1/03. With the magnificent sailing skill and excellent sail trim on spinnaker in 18 to 22 knots North Eastery wind with downwind speed at around 8 knots. We took 4 hr 17 min finished First (1422 hr) of our Division (A) at Rong Shu Tou Light, opposit South West of Lantau, the second cut-off to Macau due to lack of wind on the last leg to Macau Airport Runway Finishing. Our overall result in Division A is 6th. Wishing good sailing to all; boat owner Mr. Cheung, our super experience sailor Mr. Lam, Kei Or, Tong, Hung.

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